Hi, I’m Rose


I’m a newlywed living in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up in Cleveland, went to school in Southern Ohio (where I met my now husband) and then moved to New York City. After about 5.5 years of big-city living Klaus and I decided it was time to move a little closer to family (but not too close!), find a place to live with a little more breathing room and settle down a bit – thus, Columbus.

We’re loving it here in the Arch City so far, but we have a ton more to explore. We love taking long weekends in the area – whether that is staying home, checking out a nearby city or soaking up nature at a cabin in the woods. Food is something I’m personally passionate about – I learned to cook through a lot of trial and error shortly after moving to NYC. Even though it had some of the best restaurants in the world – I had a very limited budget!

Klaus and I currently rent in a cute neighborhood just outside the city with our cat and our dog (both rescues, both jerks that we love very much). Honestly, we’re just trying to figure out this whole being adult thing. I joke that NYC is a place of delayed adulthood, so we definitely have some catching up to do. We’re taking it all in stride, though, and are happy to be figuring it out together.

I’m hoping this blog is a place to share some of our adventures – whether that be in cooking, travelling or the on-the-horizon home buying – with anyone who is interested.